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10 Best Detox WATER for Weight Loss. Natural Fruits Diet Tea/WATER Recipes List 2017. @Bestdetoxdiettea.com

Choose your detox tea recipe to be detoxified.

Now a days detox tea is really useful in case of your goal to lose weight very quickly avoiding any chemicals. This tea will help you to reduce bloating, burning stored fat and cleaning your body from inside outside.  Here are some of popular detox tea for you which will help you to achieve your goal of healthy and fit body.


If you are trying to lose your weight and also want to detoxify your body then this lemon ginger tea is really very useful for you. All the ingredients of this drink is available in your nearest grocery shop. Take a glass of pure and filtered water, put a little piece of ginger, and add some fresh juice of lemon, keep it for a while and then take it regularly early in the morning. Citrus in lemon helps you to speed up your metabolism and detoxify your body. Again ginger contains gingerols which fights against cancer cells and cleanse your whole body. So enjoy the drink and keep yourself fresh and boost up your energy.


This detox drink will reduce your stored stubborn belly and other fat, which is in your body for years. Apple Cider  Vinegar is famous for burning fat for years. take a jar of pure and filtered water, add two or three table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, three or four slice of apples and some lemon juice. Keep it for a while and take the drink regularly. Apple will make your skin flawless and it will keep yourself away from hunger for a great amount of time. It is very often said that one apple a day will help you to keep the doctors away. Accordingly, Lemon is also very beneficial to your fat in case of reducing fat and seeping up you body metabolism.


You need four fruits to make this detox water- pears, apples, orange, lemon. Take three to four slices of each fruits except lemon and mix them all in a jar of pure and filtered water. Now add some lemon juice with them. Keep the mixture for a while and now your detox drink is totally ready to intake. Strawberry reveals the natural glows of your skin. Lemon boost up your metabolism and burns your unnecessary fats. Apples absorb your hunger and keep you full for a notable period Pears is also helpful for skin treatment and as well as burning stored fat. Enjoy this healthy drink from today.


Apple Cider Vinegar is used as slimming agent for many years. This ingredient will magically help you to keep your blood sugar in a balanced level. Adding soda will give your drink a sparkling taste and this will consume only two to three calories. This drink will boost up your metabolism and also detoxify your body reducing the toxic elements of your body. Your body will have a good shape and you can enjoy your healthy and energetic figure. Take this drink regularly early in the morning in an empty stomach after your morning yoga or workout. Dont deprive your body from  such a magical drink.This will keep your body away from fatigue and will give energy to you inside from your body.


The cucumber detox water is famous for dieters all over the world for purification of boy. Cucumber is packed with fat burning enzymes, and essential for human body. The deliciousness of this drink can be enhanced to a large scale smashing a lemon into it. Lemon is also good for you skin, teeth and stomach purification. It brightens your skin and removes the blemishes. This refreshig detox drink contains citrus which helps to a great extent to increase the digestive rate of your body and reduce your stored fat cell of your tummy. This yummy chilling juice will take only five to ten minutes to prepare and you have to prepare it two to three hours before consumption.


Strawberry, basil leaves and lemon are needed to prepare this detox drink. All of the fuits should be sliced and keep them in a jar full of filtered pure drinking water and keep it in fridge overnight. then take it early in the morning in an empty stomach after your morning workout or yoga regularly. Strawberry adds antioxidents to this drink to a great extent which keep your body free from all virus. Basil leaves soothe your body, stomach and lungs. Again lemon take care of your teeth and gum and also help you to reduce your body weight to a large scale. This drink is very famous for buring fat, curing hangover, remove fatigue, treating blood pressure issues and so on all around the world. Enjoy this drink and keep your body, teeth and skin healthy.


This detox cucumber water is not just made with cucumber but also a handsome amount of mint and lemon. So if you cannot cope with cucumber you need not to worry. The strong smell of mint and lemon will add a good taste with it. Cucumber helps you to revitalize your skin, treats with your blemishes and open pores, detox your body and help you to reduce your extra unwanted fat which can cause blood pressure, heart attack and so on. Again easy to grow herb, Mint has several benefits of proper digestion, weight loss and so many. This detox juice will keep your body refreshed for the whole day. Mix all the ingredients in a jar with 12 ounce of pure filtered water and keep it in the fridge for a few hours. Then enjoy this magical drink daily.


This unique detox drink is really useful for balancing the electrolyte of body, reducing body weight and keeping safe your teeth and gum. Grapefruit detoxify the whole body and increase blood circulation of your body. It also deals with the blood pessure issues and so on. Orange contains a huge amount of vitamin C, which help you to reduce belly fat, and heals the digestive system also. It contains fibre and take care the immunity system of your  body. Cucumber reduces the dead skin cell of your skin and hydrates your skin from inside, reduce the blemishes and dark circles lying in your under eye. Take this juice after being highly chilled because extreamly cold water burns more calories than normal one.


Berry and lemon detox water is known as slimming agent for many years. Lemon contains vitamin C and fiber which is really very useful for burning fat. Again grains of blackberry helps to increase metabolism rate of human body and keep your body refreshed. This detox water contains ample healing and antioxidant and also maintains hydration of your body to keep you beautiful. Berries have anthocyanins which have the power of preventing ulcer and the presence of free radicals. To increase the taste of the detox water simply smash lemon and squish berries.


Berry and mint is a significant detox juice. This brew has antioxidant property and as well as cleansing property. Mint has several benefits such as: relief from nausea, depression, fatigue, proper digestion and weight loss and so on. If you take the Berry brew detox drink regularly it will speed up your metabolism and proper digestion and also keep good marks in reducing your extra body weight. It is really unbelievable that this sweet and tasty drink contains such little calories.

  These detox water are really useful to maintain your healthy and fit body. You have to take these regularly. In case of business you can prepare this drink at night and take it in a bottle to carry it in your office in the next day. This will help you to keep yourself refreshed as well as give you energy to do your duties all over the days.